Workplace Device as a Service for business in 190+ countries 

Our service covers the entire lifecycle of the devices you subscribe to.

Our Device as a Service (DaaS) is a subscription-based product that provides organizations with comprehensive solutions for their hardware needs.

Gain access to cutting-edge technology without the financial burden of upfront costs and the complexities of hardware infrastructure management.

We manage the entire lifecycle of your global team's laptops, smartphones, PCs, and peripherals. 

Experience hassle-free IT hardware management like never before. Our service ensures fast device delivery, seamless ordering, versatile delivery options, automated enrollment, swift issue reporting and replacements.

Equip new hires anywhere in the world with all the devices they need 

With just one click, your new hires globally are equipped with all the necessary devices. We ensure your employees can effortlessly access the equipment they need to work efficiently, regardless of location. 

Maintain your global team’s performance with Next Business Day Swap  

No matter where your team is located or how complex their device issues are, we ensure that faulty devices will be replaced with fully functional ones by the next business day.

Discover our services highlights

Zero-touch deployment

We handle the staging of all IT devices to ensure they arrive ready for immediate use by end users.

End-to-end device management

Our service encompasses the entire lifecycle of devices, from procurement to recovery and repurposing.

Circular economy approach

We are committed to sustainability, promoting eco-conscious work environments.

Global standardization

We ensure the same standard for all your workplace devices globally, which translates into time and cost savings.

Global stock management

We guarantee stock availability based on your quarterly forecast and maintain a stockpile of devices for convenient ordering.