Device subscription
as it should be

Free your IT department and enjoy easy and reliable devices with full service.

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True subscription worldwide

We provide IT for companies as it should be: ready-to-use, up-to-date and user-friendly. Based on a subscription truly suiting your needs. And all that while saving costs and protecting the environment. With our device as a service, you’ll enjoy easy IT solutions with the full range of devices from desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and mobile phones on your demand.

We take care of everything from start to finish: device selection & procurement, global end-to-end logistics & support, as well as reuse & recycling. Happy users. Relieved IT.

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A win for everyone

devicenow cost savings

Cost saving

Using our subscription is way more efficient than buying devices: You'll have exactly the devices you need. At a truly fair price.

devicenow limitless agility

Limitless agility

IT infrastructure demands can often change quickly. Be flexible and scale up or down with our devicenow Business Flex.

devicenow sustainability


Our service is based on circular economy. We refurbish and reuse devices. After their usage term, we recycle them. And of course, we are CO2 neutral.

devicenow pain relief

Pain relief

Keep your staff in good mood with modern equipment and great service quality thanks to our global devicenow standard.

devicenow cost control

Cost control

With our subscription model, you always stay in control of your IT expenses and can rely on predictable monthly costs including all services.

devicenow worldwide availability

Worldwide availability

We provide devices in 190 countries all over the world. Downtown in the middle of any buzzing city center or in the most remote places like desert camps or mountain tops.

day device swap
(next business day)
device lifecycle

The freedom of true device subscription

We go beyond leasing and offer you the freedom of true subscription.
Keep only the devices you need and return the rest –
included in every contract thanks to our Business Flex feature.

man and woman smiling using a mobile phone and a tablet  - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

What to enjoy?

  • Range of device configurations to easily choose from
  • A fixed price per device, per month giving you cost control
  • Flexibility of upgrading and downgrading your devices adjusting to your changing needs
  • Minimum downtimes thanks to our next business day device swap ensuring smooth work
  • Premium options to make even your most demanding employees happy

More than just phones

Your IT goes beyond mobile phones. Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles – we know how to keep your employees motivated and productive with easy and attractive device solutions. Subscribe to our device as a service offering and enjoy having exactly the state-of-the-art equipment your company needs. Good for your wallet and our planet.

Desktop PCs




devicenow is 360° service supply

True device subscription means smooth and enjoyable IT from start to finish.
Choose from our minimum configurations – we take care of the rest.
One service standard worldwide to keep your employees happy.

smiling man typing on laptop with one finger - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

Device selection and procurement

happy young woman receiving parcel - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

Global end-to-end logistics and support

person handing back a tablet to another person - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

Reuse and recycle
of devices

Circular economy

devicenow circular economy

Our device as a service offering prolongs the usual lifespan of a device. Upon return, we refurbish the devices and give them a second lifetime. Saving costs while helping the planet – win, win.

What’s behind devicenow?

We believe in true subscription. And true relief. We believe that IT should be easy. For your company. On your wallet. And on the planet. That’s why we’ve created a device as a service solution that truly reinvents device subscription. Your devices made enjoyable, priceworthy and sustainable.

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