What or who is devicenow?

Devicenow is an internationally active IT service provider headquartered in Weingarten, Germany, and a part of the CHG-Meridian group. Devicenow specializes in providing Device as a Service solutions tailored to both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. Our primary commitment lies in delivering comprehensive IT workplace equipment, including computers, smartphones, and tablets, to businesses spanning across more than 190 countries worldwide.


Why should my company choose devicenow as their IT partner?

Devicenow specializes in delivering customized IT device supply and support for international organizations seeking a comprehensive IT hardware management solution. Our streamlined subscription-based service not only includes IT hardware but also encompasses a comprehensive package of services allowing seamless management of the entire IT equipment lifecycle. By consolidating everything into one single straightforward contract, we eliminate the complexity of multi-party agreements, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.


What countries does devicenow cover?

Our services are available in over 190+ countries worldwide. We are flexible and open to discussing and adjusting our service scope based on our customer’s unique requirements. With a broad reach encompassing most countries globally, we ensure the availability of our services nearly everywhere.

Device range and lifecycle services


What types of devices does devicenow offer?

Devicenow offers a comprehensive selection of end-user IT workplace devices, catering to various business requirements. Our offerings include computers, laptops, smartphones, monitors, tablets, and peripherals. We ensure that all necessary equipment for our customers’ end users is readily available worldwide.


What lifecycle services are included in the devicenow offering?

Devicenow covers all IT equipment needs from start to finish. Customers forecast their IT requirements, we procure the devices ahead of time and keep them in our local stock. With the click of a button, our customers can order the devices and we stage and deliver them. At the end of the usage time, the devices are returned to devicenow and a certified data swipe is performed. If a device malfunctions during the usage period, we make sure to repair or replace it within the next business day.

Lifecycle management


What are the typical ramp-up and lead times?

For new contracts, transition lasts 2 to 4 months depending on project scope, country, type of devices, and customization. This ensures smooth processes between devicenow and the customer throughout the entire contract.

For running projects, standard new orders are delivered within 10 working days globally. Customizing the delivery times based on customer-specific requirement is also possible.

Our replacement service, Next Business Day Swap, ensures replacement of broken devices by the next business day – no matter the location of the end user.


What happens if a device breaks?

If an end user’s device breaks or malfunctions, they can simply open an IT ticket. We prequalify this ticket and quickly dispatch a replacement device, ensuring it arrives by the next business day, anywhere in the world. With our Next Business Day Swap service, we keep your business running smoothly, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous productivity.


What subscription term options does devicenow offer?

You can select between a 12 or 48+ month subscription term for your IT equipment. Devicenow is your reliable partner for flexible and convenient IT device supply.


What happens if an end user leaves the company before the end of a subscription contract?

If an end user leaves your company before the end of a subscription contract, our plan offers an early return option for the end user’s devices. The equipment is returned to one of our logistics centers, where all the data is erased, it is refurbished and gets back in stock for another of your end users. Please note, early return is only possible if the employee leaves voluntarily, not if terminated. There is an additional cost for early return, and only a percentage of the contract volume can be returned early.


What happens to the data on the device after the subscription term?

After the subscription term, we conduct a comprehensive data removal process to ensure all data associated with the device is securely erased. This includes adhering to stringent privacy standards and protocols. Upon completion, you will receive a data removal certificate, providing assurance of the thorough and secure handling of your data. This ensures a secure and hassle-free conclusion to the subscription period for you.



What payment options do you offer for subscription contracts?

We bill our customers solely for the devices in use on a monthly basis, excluding forecasted devices kept in stock from our billings. We undertake full financial risk. Upon an end user’s order of a new device, the subscription period and billing commence from the first day of the next month, following delivery to the end user.


How does devicenow help companies ensure tax compliance?

Through our global presence, we provide local billing services for approximately 190 countries worldwide, offering options for local-to-local billing or central-to-local billing.


How does a device subscription benefit a company’s financial situation?

A device subscription, also known as Device as a Service (DaaS), offers several financial advantages. It reduces upfront costs, shifts expenses to predictable monthly payments, and lowers total ownership costs by incorporating maintenance and upgrades. This model provides financial flexibility and simplified budget management, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses.

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