devicenow GmbH is a member of CHG-MERIDIAN Group.
devicenow GmbH, represented by the Managing Directors, Sven Matthiesen and Steffen Reichmann, is the provider of, and therefore responsible for, the commercial and business related online offering.


Information according to paragraph 2, section 1 of the ordinance on information obligations for service providers (DL-InfoV). This online offering is provided by:

devicenow GmbH

Franz-Beer-Straße 111
88250 Weingarten


Phone: +49 (0)751 503696

Managing Directors: Sven Matthiesen, Steffen Reichmann

Registry court: Ulm HRB 744438

Tax office: Weingarten
Sales tax identification number: DE353347832

Court of jurisdiction: Ravensburg
Applicable law: Law of the Federal Republic of Germany (BRD)

Responsible chamber

Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Weingarten

Responsible for journalistic-editorial content

Sven Matthiesen, E-Mail:

Data protection officer

according to Art. 37 GDPR i. V. m. § 38 para.1 FDPA-new:
Deutsche Datenschutzkanzlei, E-Mail:


devicenow GmbH can at its own discretion and without assumption of liability, change or end this online offering wholly or in part at any time and without notice. By posting a link to third party online offering (“Hyperlinks”), the devicenow GmbH does not accept ownership of either the online offering or its contents.

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Data Protection Information

Here you find our Data Protection Information.

Battery regulation

Note about the return of batteries according to §12 BatterieVO:

devicenow GmbH is obliged in accordance with the battery regulation, to inform the user of the following in connection with the sale of batteries or rechargeable batteries, or with the supply of devices which contain batteries or rechargeable batteries:

Batterie must not be disposed of in household waste. The user, as end-user, is legally obliged to return empty batteries. The user can return batteries after use to the point of sale or its immediate vicinity (e.g. in municipal collection points or shops) free of charge. The user also has the choice of returning the batteries by post. The user can approach his installation company for returns.

Batteries or rechargeable batteries which contain pollutants are marked with a symbol of a crossed-out dustbin. The chemical name of the pollutant can be found close to the dustbin symbol.

Explanation: Cd stands for Cadmium, Pb for lead and Hg for mercury.

Note: General Act on Equal Treatment (GAET)

For the sake of easier reading, no gender-specific distinction is made in this document. The terms used apply, in the context of equal treatment, to both genders.