We are

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Cześć, Olá, Hej, Yia sou!

We are an international team of passionate professionals dedicated to simplifying IT device management for businesses. Our goal is to empower end users to perform their best from day one with devices carefully selected for their role. We bring a blend of tech-passion and expertise to your IT hardware management.

As part of the CHG-MERIDIAN group, with over four decades of experience in technology management, devicenow stands at the forefront of delivering these cutting-edge and adaptable IT solutions.

For us, communication is key. We believe in straightforward dialog, cutting right to the solutions our customers need. We want to take the weight of IT device management off your shoulders. Since 2022 we make sure that our customers in 190 countries can be fully focused on their core business.

We focus on smart resource use and minimizing waste, benefiting the environment and enhancing our customers' businesses. Our approach is centered on practical actions that make a positive and long-lasting impact.

We take every step in our business with two priorities in mind: our customers and our planet.

Our Mission

Simplifying our customers’ lives with reliable and sustainable subscription-based workplace technologies, globally.

How it all started


In the past decade, IT has revolutionized global business operations. Observing these changes and growing demands in the IT hardware market, the CHG-MERIDIAN group saw the need to come up with a new, smart solution to meet both current and future customer needs.


The idea of devicenow was born, offering a dynamic Device as a Service (DaaS) solution. This subscription-based product was specifically designed to align with evolving market demands, environmental concerns, and the needs of IT leaders globally.


Devicenow officially launched on May 1st 2022 with our headquarters in Germany and first offices in Spain and France. Since then, we have been constantly expanding, meeting customer needs with our IT subscription services, and continually adding new devicenow subsidiaries in various regions worldwide.


Sven Matthiesen

Managing Director

Sven oversees sales, product development, customer management, and marketing initiatives. Gifted in storytelling, he captivates audiences with his speeches and enriches our team with his coaching skills. Outside of work, he is an avid reader and runner, and has a refined taste for fine wine. His unique blend of professional talent and personal passions makes him an invaluable leader of the devicenow team.

Steffen Reichmann

Managing Director

Steffen manages the Finance, Operations, Legal/Compliance, HR, and IT sectors at devicenow. He plays a crucial role in ensuring our Device as a Service offering runs seamlessly for our clients. His academic credentials are impressive – a PhD in Economics demonstrates his deep understanding and commitment to his field. Beyond his professional expertise, he is passionate about art and politics, has a special affection for the Nordic countries, and loves basketball.

Julius Schafmeister


Leading our customer relations in the DACH region, Julius is passionate about streamlining processes. A true believer in 'Device as a Service', Julius advocates for making technology accessible and user-friendly. With his expertise in CRM and a sharp analytical mind, he excels at understanding and meeting customer needs. Outside of work, he enjoys cycling, cooking, and indulging in his fascination with Japanese culture and cuisine during his travels.

Sebastian Urfels

VP Sales International

Sebastian leads our international sales team, working with clients well beyond the DACH region. His strong networking and social skills not only make him a great communicator but also enable him to stand out in connecting with diverse customers and partner companies. As a leader, he is very passionate about helping young professionals develop their skills and advance their careers. Outside of work, Sebastian loves to travel, discovering new cities and their culinary delights.

Agata Poltorak

Marketing Manager

As devicenow's Marketing Manager, Agata serves as the driving force behind our product and service promotion strategies and campaigns. She oversees every detail of the devicenow brand's look and feel. With her experience as a project manager, she adeptly streamlines all marketing activities. Always ready to support other departments, she excels as a team player. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending active time outdoors.

Artur Fröhlich

Product Manager

As our Product Manager and leader of the pricing team, Artur oversees the delivery of offers to our prospective customers. He is known for being great at setting up efficient processes and conducting precise numerical analyses, consistently supporting his strategies with detailed Excel files. Beyond his analytical expertise, Artur plays a vital role in maintaining and building relationships with our partners. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, is a member in a band, and likes attending live concerts.

Jens Köhler

Head of Global Services

Our service delivery mastermind ensures seamless processes from product delivery to lifecycle management. With extensive IT industry experience, he leads our global service department, overseeing customer management to ensure well-organized processes. In his free time, he enjoys hobbies such as sweet water fishing, longbow archery, and snowboarding.

Robert Waxenegger

Head of Finance

Robert manages operative and strategic finance, along with support in product development, HR, legal, and operations, focusing on scaling our business model. With a rich background in business development, data analysis, and product management, he excels at connecting ideas and spotting opportunities. In his personal time, he loves exploring different cultures, having lived in Latin America and Southeast Asia. He enjoys running and discussing diverse viewpoints on global development.