Enterprise Device as a Service

A comprehensive range of employee devices, hardware support, and lifecycle management as a unified subscription-based service

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As your global strategic partner, we take responsibility for on-demand inventory, provisioning, distribution, and imaging devices for employees in the office or at home in 190 countries.

We simplify device management

  1. Choose the term of agreement
    A minimum volume helps us determine pricing
  2. Choose subscription duration
    Typically 3-4 years for laptops/desktops and 2 years for phones
  3. Agree device configurations
    Standardization reduces costs and streamlines logistics
  4. Estimate quantities for the quarter
    No charges until they are called off over four quarters
  5. Initiate a refresh
    Usually 4-5 business days with a 10-day SLA
  6. Submit ticket for hardware issue
    We replace the device the Next Business Day
  7. Submit ticket for employee offboarding
    Collection, data erasure and return to inventory
  8. Submit ticket for employee onboarding
    Usually 4-5 business days with a 10-day SLA

Additional flexibility to match your organization’s needs

man showing colleague options to customize on screen - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

Service customization

  • Accidental Damage: in the event a device is damaged we can include an allowance for repair or replacement.
  • Business Flex – early return: if you anticipate a workforce reduction a percentage of device subscriptions can be end early.
  • Business Flex – non return: if devices cannot be located or you’d like to retain them, a percentage of devices need not be returned.
  • Device labeling: devices can have custom labels attached to them as part of the staging process.
  • IT Bar: customer locations can have devices stored locally for deployment and replacement.

How we reduce costs


  1. Standardized device configurations reduce costs and streamline logistics
  2. On-demand inventory allows to order in bulk and only pay for devices when they are called off
  3. No partial month invoicing - pay only from the 1st day of the following month after device call off
  4. Efficient device logistics at a global scale is a core capability
  5. Improved productivity with rapid deployment and replacements arriving the Next Business Day
  6. Business Flex option to accommodate a percentage of early returns and/or non-returns
  7. Replace multiple hardware vendors, leasing companies, logistics and service providers with just one capable partner
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A comprehensive range of devices are supported

Our service includes the critical devices that underpin employee productivity. We procure devices from the world's leading technology vendors to ensure that all devices included in a subscription meeth the very highest quality standards.

Desktop PCs




Choose your preferred procurement strategy

man and woman smiling using a mobile phone and a tablet  - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

Vendor-neutral standard configurations

The most cost-effective strategy.  We standardize on a selection of configurations for laptops and desktops.  The top three global vendors are invited to bid to fulfil the orders that we have across multiple customers.  This requires customers to use Windows Autopilot for provisioning so that the imaging is device independent.

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Vendor-specific custom configuration

This is a less cost-effective strategy.  Specific laptop and desktop configurations are purchased from a vendor.  We will use the costs that you are provided by the vendor to calculate our pricing.  It’s required where an organization uses device-specific SCCM for provisioning, which also adds labor costs for manual tasks.

hour replacement

Global logistics and support

Device storage and technical services are handled through a network of hi-tech facilities totalling approximately 450,000 square feet. These facilities combined with local capabilities support our Next Business Day Replacement SLA across 190+ countries.

Where appropriate, following our expedited replacement, devices can be repaired or refurbished at "board level". This capability underpins our cost-effective services and our commitment to sustainability and a circular economy.

IT Integration and Reporting

Enterprise-class systems

Our ITSM platform integrates bi-directionally with any customer ITSM system using APIs.

Tickets are opened in the customer’s system of record and seamlessly actioned within our systems and updated in the customer’s platform in real time.

We can also integrate with leading supply chain procurement platforms.

Comprehensive insights are provided for orders, inventory and subscriptions with KPIs and critical data visualized through graphs and charts, providing analytics and trending information.

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We would welcome the opportunity to understand your organization’s needs and explore how devicenow may be able to support you!