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A global organization that is committed to excellence in all that we do.

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devicenow is a global device subscription provider that is committed to achieving the very highest standards in service delivery, customer satisfaction and supporting sustainability through its commitment to the circular economy.

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Global scale combined with attention to details

Our customers typically have thousands of employees working from multiple national and international locations and from home.  As part of an organization  with $9 billion of assets on its balance and the ability to procure 2 million laptops and desktops in a year, we have the scale and reach required to provide a world-class subscription service.  However, we are obsessed with providing an exceptional level of service through a genuine customer-centric philosophy.

We also understand that you are entrusting devicenow to ensure that your employee experience in relation to their devices is truly exceptional.  Happy, productive employees are always at the core of every successful business.

Our Values

devicenow has a strong commitment to social responsibility, ethical conduct, and environmental stewardship.  We value end-to-end accountability in everything we do and expect employees to have a "can do" attitude.  devicenow emphasizes personal growth and continuous learning, encouraging a culture where making mistakes is seen as a steppingstone to success.

We provide our employees with career development opportunities, a global working environment, and a performance-driven ethos.  Our management team strives to be visionary, aiming to contribute positively to the world beyond business success.

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Sustainability is at the core of our business. We provide device subscription with subsequent refurbishment in line with the principles of the resource-efficient circular economy. Sustainability is an ongoing process for us, and we are continually expanding our commitment in this area. In this context, we understand sustainability as the intersection of the three dimensions of economy, ecology and society.

A holistic view of all three sustainability dimensions is essential for us to operate successfully in the long term.

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Corporate Governance

devicenow is unwavering in its dedication to exemplary corporate governance, anchoring stakeholder trust at the core of its prosperity. Our commitment to accountability, fairness, and transparency is the bedrock of our operational philosophy. We cultivate a work environment where integrity and ethical guidance are paramount. With stringent controls and clear, open lines of communication, we adhere to the very highest governance standards.

This ensures enduring value for our shareholders, dedicated employees, valued customers, and the wider community, fostering a cycle of trust and mutual benefit.

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We would welcome the opportunity to understand your organization’s needs and explore how devicenow may be able to support you!