Our services: True IT device subscription worldwide

Simply select your devices and enjoy. We take care of the entire lifecycle from start to finish.

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Enjoy your devices – we take care of everything else

We offer true device subscription: From sourcing to recycling – with our Device as a Service solution, we take care of everything. Select your minimum configurations and that's it. You'll receive the ready-to-use devices in your facilities around the world. Enjoy sustainable state-of-the-art IT with full cost control.

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Our devices

State-of-the-art devices of the world’s leading manufacturers are waiting for you.
This manufacturer-independence ensures significantly increased device availability. 

Desktop PCs

Desktop PCs







Our services

Device selection
and procurement

You simply select from our standardized device categories to meet your needs exactly. We take everything else from your shoulders, procure all devices worldwide and ensure the best conditions for you. And with our fixed price per device per month, the costs are predictable.

Global end-to-end logistics
and support

All devices are safely stored in our own warehouses around the world and within the blink of an eye at your facilities. Fully configured and ready to use. Just plug-in and start working. And if you need a replacement, we provide one-business-day device swap worldwide.

Reuse and recycle
of devices

We follow the circular economy approach. Means once you need new devices, we refurbish the old ones and provide them to the next customer. This way the devices are in use much longer before we eventually recycle them. Good for our planet and good for your wallet.

Devices everywhere

We cover 190 countries with our Device as a Service subscription. And that with one global standard.

Make it your devicenow

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Customize your subscription

Different users, different needs? Have it your way and customize your plan with company-wide or specific options for single users or user groups.

Choose from add-ons such as accidental damage protection and more.

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Upgrade your devices

Your VIPs deserve extra service? Let them enjoy personal treatment, provided onsite by specially trained engineers.

Use our Premium Upgrade to stay on top of the game and always work with high-end devices.

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Stay in control

You want to be in the know? Our web-based devicenow reporting cockpit provides you a bird’s eye view.

Managing all technical and commercial aspects of your company’s IT devices easily at a glance.


Ready to free your IT?
Enjoy true subscription worldwide with devicenow: full service, enhanced productivity and more sustainable IT while saving costs with our Device as a Service.

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