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We are devicenow

We offer true subscription worldwide and provide subscription for any kind of IT devices all over the world. With our device as a service product, we enable enterprises to enjoy standardized IT solutions with the freedom of upgrades – perfect to meet the little extra needs. And the flexibility to return devices when they aren’t needed anymore. That’s what we call devicenow: True subscription worldwide.

Our approach is based on circular economy to make IT more sustainable. And we include whole lifecycle services – from financing and device procurement to certified data erasure and remarketing – to make device subscription easy.

As a professional start-up, we are part of the CHG-MERIDIAN group. For more than 40 years, CHG-MERIDIAN has been the go-to company to manage and finance technology projects and processes.

As the European market leader in IT leasing, CHG-MERIDIAN now enables true device subscription with devicenow – worldwide.

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Business woman and man with laptop and tablet in office with plants - devicenow. True subscription worldwide

Our conviction

We are convinced: IT can be enjoyable, increase productivity and be sustainable. IT can be good for the people working in your company. Good for your business. And good for our environment. All of that at the same time.

We free your IT department. You select the configurations you need. We take care of the rest. Financing? Done. Logistics? Done. Replacements? Done. Upgrades? You know the game!

We follow a circular economy approach: Once a device is returned, we refurbish it and bring it back into use. This prolongs the usage of devices which means a more responsible approach with natural resources. Of course, devicenow is provided CO2 neutrally.

And we are convinced the only thing lying around should be cats in the sun. We like devices to be in use. That’s why we offer true subscription with the flexibility to hand back devices when their job is done. We call it Business Flex.

That’s devicenow: true subscription worldwide.

Our values

We are a young team of reliable pros who believe that IT devices should simply work. Effortless, carefree, making life easier. We’re here to dive right in and make sure that you can enjoy the ease of true device subscription. Just choose your favorite device configuration and we’ll take care of everything else.

We know that happy users bring great results. With devicenow your end users can focus on their work only. We are there when a device needs replacement, for upgrades, or any other kind of support.

We live open communication and we don’t speak technical slang that only geeks understand. We get straight to the point and bring solutions.

We’re aware that we only have one planet and we need to protect it. That’s why we are based on circular economy to produce less waste. And naturally, we provide our services CO2 neutrally.

beautiful woman typing while smiling at laptop - devicenow. True subscription worldwide