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With the development of mobile telecommunication technologies, operator networks are continuously evolving and the service types and network complexity are increasing all the time. Operators have raised their requirements on the mobile network service to provide end users with more superior services and reduce the network construction cost at the same time.

Also as smartphones rule the world we prepare ourselves and our customers by trying to predict the future and the possible needs supporting mobile broadband. The demand for uninterrupted mobile internet access will only be higher. Operators and their stakeholders around the world also continuously try to find new revenue streams and more innovative solutions.

UMTS and LTE network maturation is fueling the mobile Internet boom, but unfortunately this is bringing pressure to bear on the mobile operator’s channel construction, terminal strategy, traffic management, business innovation and development, and network technology support.

Mobile Network Infrastructure


With mobile operators are struggling to handle the massive increases in data volume coming from services like video and they are transmitting the services over complex 2G, 3G & LTE networks. Also for operators looking to migrate from 2G to 3G, legacy investments must not be sidelined before sufficient and sustainable traction is made in the 3G market. Moving too fast into 3G not only cannibalizes 2G revenues, it often attracts high-traffic yet low-ARPU users, resulting in disproportionate investment returns and an unprofitable customer mix.

Therefore, the major challenge facing operators migrating from 2G to 3G is the need to achieve an optimal balance in subscriber mix, services, price structures, and expectations in the quality of service, while matching network and channels to demand.

DeviceNow has the expertise to provide services, solutions and maintenance support when it comes to mobile infrastructure competence. DeviceNow provides a set of customized services and solutions with long term support based on the operators' network and business development requirements.


DeviceNow’s Mobile Infrastructure services and support aims to help network operators achieve quick network development and service provision, raise customer service quality, reduce network construction cost, monitor network elements, devices, services, and alert Network Operations when problems occur therefore bringing more values to operators and expand market share, even amid fierce competition and business transition.

DeviceNow team gives clients a better service and maintenance support through its Network and IT managed services portfolio which support network migration opportunities so that the rollout timescale is optimized for 3G revenue, without unduly cannibalizing legacy investments. DeviceNow delivers services and support on quality and experience from multiple channels (network element, device, service, user) so network planning can predict and track the impact of their capex and opex investments.

Another reality in today's market is that CapEx and OpEx budgets face unrelenting downward pressure. These challenges do not necessarily mean limitations on the breadth of services that can be offered. With new services and support based on IP, and with IP making its way deeper into the network, it is now possible to ride IP price/performance curves in many parts of the network. The results are evident in packet gateways running on router platforms that lower the cost of mobile data connectivity, that dramatically lower the cost of signaling networks, and IP radio-access network (RAN) transport that lowers the cost of backhaul.


Mobile Exchange Framework


Also today's operators need multivendor solutions. An open and distributed architecture will allow multi-channels to provide elements of the solution and to protect investments that have already been made. DeviceNow provides technology solutions, services and maintenance support optimized to these needs. DeviceNow has a strong network of experienced telecom professionals and partners that can be engaged at any time. We are fully prepared to provide service and maintenance support to network operators in the best possible manner.

DeviceNow does all this while protecting investments that have already been made and supports the need for multi-channel solutions, services & maintenance support. In addition to providing the technical elements of the architecture, DeviceNow has the partnering expertise and market knowledge necessary to assist mobile operators with the challenges that lie ahead.

DeviceNow Services & Support Portfolio For Telecom Operators


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