Microsoft Competency Center

DeviceNow‘s Microsoft Competency Centers (MCC) is established with the vision to provide best solution to client based on Microsoft technology. DeviceNow‘s Microsoft Competency Centers embrace the latest trends in the Microsoft technology space and ensures early adoption of it in DeviceNow solution design practice. It draws upon the synergy and strategic utilization of Microsoft technology platform through:

  • Its extensive project experience on Microsoft technologies.
  • In-depth study of Microsoft technology centric solutions.
  • Nurturing the DeviceNow's (MCC) team members on Microsoft cutting edge technologies.
  • Implementing the best pattern and practices of architecting, design and Development Support Approaches

DeviceNow has access to Microsoft platforms, tools and technologies enabling us to deliver products using the latest techniques. DeviceNow’s Microsoft Competency Center leverages an extensive range of tools, technologies, frameworks provided by Microsoft. The Competency Center at DeviceNow enables customers to get the first hand experience of how best practices and solutions can be developed.

Microsoft Technology Stack


DeviceNow’s team of Microsoft .NET developers utilizes their extensive project experience and the knowledge of .NET technology. DeviceNow builds a rich experience in all the facets of Microsoft technologies Development Support which includes design frameworks, enterprise solutions architecture (Web and Windows based), Windows communications framework, web services solutions, web portal sites, enterprise reporting, workflow engines, collaboration portals, office integration solutions and such other Microsoft solutions.

DeviceNow’s Microsoft Competency Centre Service expertise includes:

  • .NET Desktop and Web Application Development Support
  • .NET Custom Software Development Support
  • .NET Application Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Legacy Application Migration to .NET
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Migration/Reengineering of legacy applications to .NET
  • NET Pocket PC/Mobile Application Development Support

Our Microsoft Competency Centre focuses on developing and supporting solutions and frameworks in niche technology domains. Please find below applications and products we develop and support our clients.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development Support
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Development Support
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) Development Support
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Development Support
  • Enterprise Portal & Content Management (EPC) Development Support
  • Ecommerce Development Support
  • Web Services Development Support

Key Benefits we provide to our clients are:

  • Faster time-to-implementation
  • Technology implementation risk is reduced
  • Overall lower cost of total software life-cycle Development Support.

DeviceNow SahrePoint Practice

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